All training courses are customized to meet your immediate and long term needs, including:
  • Re-motivate your staff to Love Selling!
  • Remove the fear of Cold Calling.
  • Implement AGGRESSIVE Outbound Sales Tactics.
  • Learn the ABC Secrets of Upselling.
  • Own your Recruitment Market!
  • Increase Auto & Real Estate with Relationship Building Methods.
  • Professionally Overcome Objections.
  • Sell Against the Competition.
  • Strengthen Private Party Sales.
  • Handle the most Difficult Customers.
  • Utilize Proven Frequency and Display Rate Strategies.
  • Use the Best Internet / Print packages for your Market.
  • Redesign Your Classifieds for the 21st Century.
  • Effectively Utilize Your Front-end System for Solid Revenue Gains.
  • Customize your Marketing Statistics into benefit statements to close sales.
  • Identify Untapped Revenue Sources Right Under Your Nose!
  • Use the Power of Pictures!


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